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  • San Diego: Contour & Sculpt Spray Tan

    With the wave of our tanning gun we can enhance your favorite features or create the illusion of snatched waist & a perky butt! We work with the natural & unique features of each individuals body to meet your tanning goals. We can use different shading techniques to create a soft, slimming illusion or a hard and defined look, it all depends on your features and tanning goals!

  • LA: Bronzed Besties

    Must share the same appointment time. For 4 or more people, please book two sessions. Please include the First & Last Name, Email & Phone Number of the person you're sharing this deal with - they will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, along with a link to a spray tan waiver. Your tan is performed in a heated space and includes a misting of prep spray to neutralize any residue on your skin, while providing some pre-tan hydration. We have you inspect your tan before moving on. Then we end your tan with a thorough drying of warm air and a finishing powder that helps neutralize odor and any sticky sensation.

  • San Diego: VersaSpa Booth Spray Tan

    This isn't your average booth tan! Your session starts with a consultation to determine your skin type and tanning goals. We explain the process as we apply your pre-tan barrier cream. After your session is complete, give yourself an inspection. If any blending is required, we will touch up your tan as needed. Each session includes a pH prep spray to neutralize any residue on your skin, and to prime your skin to better absorb the tanning solution, followed by our moisture seal to hydrate your skin & prolong your results.

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  • Your Comprehensive Spray Tan Preparation Guide

    Are you looking to achieve that gorgeous, sun-kissed glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays? A spray tan can be your best friend in these situations. However, to ensure your spray tan comes out flawless and lasts as long as possible, proper preparation is key. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to prepare for a spray tan and share some valuable tips and tricks along the way. Step 1: Avoid Bar Soaps and Creamy Body Washes Before you even step foot in the spray tanning booth, it's crucial to start your preparation in the shower. Bar soaps and creamy body washes can leave a residue on your skin that interferes with the tanning solution's ability to adhere evenly. Instead, opt for a gentle, oil-free, and sulfate-free body wash to ensure a clean canvas for your spray tan. Step 2: Thoroughly Remove All Product Residue It's not just your body wash you need to be mindful of. Hair conditioners, moisturizing strips on razors, and other products can leave behind a film on your skin. Take extra care to rinse thoroughly and ensure there's no residue left on your skin. Failure to do so may result in uneven tanning or blotchy spots. Step 3: Exfoliate for Smooth Skin Exfoliation is a crucial step in preparing for a spray tan. It helps remove dead skin cells and creates a smooth surface for the tanning solution to adhere to. There are two popular methods for exfoliation: exfoliating mitts and dry brushing. Exfoliating Mitts: These are often made of gentle, textured fabric designed to slough away dead skin. Use them in the shower, applying gentle pressure in circular motions, paying extra attention to rough areas like elbows, knees, and ankles. Dry Brushing: Dry brushing involves using a soft-bristle brush on dry skin before your shower. Brush in upward motions toward your heart to stimulate blood flow and exfoliate simultaneously. Step 4: Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin Your spray tan's longevity is closely tied to the health, condition, and hydration of your skin. In the days leading up to your appointment, be sure to moisturize regularly. Opt for a hydrating lotion or cream, and pay attention to areas prone to dryness. Well-hydrated skin not only holds a tan better but also promotes a more even application. Bonus Tips: Shave or Wax Beforehand: If you plan to remove body hair, do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. This allows the pores to close, preventing the tanning solution from settling in them. Avoid Makeup and Perfume: On the day of your spray tan, skip makeup, perfume, and deodorant. These products can create barriers that interfere with the tanning solution. Wear Loose, Dark Clothing: After your spray tan, wear loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing to prevent the tanning solution from transferring onto your clothes. Follow Aftercare Instructions: Your spray tan technician will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. Follow these carefully to ensure your tan develops and lasts as expected. Achieving the perfect spray tan is all about proper preparation. By following these steps and taking care of your skin, you can enjoy a flawless, long-lasting tan that leaves you looking and feeling your best. So, get ready to glow with confidence and embrace your sunless tanning adventure!

  • Embracing the Korean Beauty Revolution: A New Era in Skincare for the West

    Welcome back, beauty enthusiasts! Today, we are diving into the fascinating world of Korean skincare and the growing popularity it has gained in the West. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends captivating skincare aficionados worldwide is the Korean skincare regimen. In this blog post, we will explore the philosophy and approach behind Korean skincare, contrasting it with the traditional methods practiced in the United States. Korean skincare has taken the beauty world by storm, and it's not without reason. At the core of Korean skincare lies a philosophy that emphasizes prevention, protection, and pampering. The goal is not just to address specific skincare concerns but also to cultivate a healthy and radiant complexion over time. One of the key principles of Korean skincare is the multi-step routine. Rather than relying on a single product, Koreans focus on layering various skincare steps to achieve optimal results. This approach involves cleansing, toning, treating with essences, serums and ampoules, moisturizing, and protecting the skin, in some cases though not necessary, incorporating 10 or more steps. Korean skincare places great emphasis on natural and innovative ingredients. Many popular Korean skincare brands harness the power of natural extracts, such as green tea, rice, snail mucin, and ginseng, which are known for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties. Additionally, ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides are commonly used for their hydrating and brightening effects. Sheet masks and essences have become iconic symbols of Korean skincare. Sheet masks are infused with potent serums and are designed to deliver intense hydration and address specific skin concerns. Essences, on the other hand, are lightweight, highly concentrated fluids that hydrate and prepare the skin for subsequent skincare steps. You will often hear the term toner, essence, serum, and ampoules which are often used interchangeably, so don't let the nomenclature confuse or intimidate you. What makes Korean skin care products so effective is the low molecular weight of the actives to ensure it penetrates the skin to the appropriate depths. In Korean skincare, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is paramount. Sunscreen is considered an essential step in the daily routine, even on cloudy days. Korean sunscreens are often lightweight, non-greasy, and designed to provide broad-spectrum protection without leaving a white cast, even on the deepest skin tones. While both Korean and American skincare share a common goal of healthy and radiant skin, their approaches and methods differ. American skincare tends to focus more on targeted treatments and quick fixes, while Korean skincare emphasizes long-term maintenance and overall skin health. The Korean philosophy revolves around prevention and establishing a solid foundation through a consistent routine. The rise of Korean skincare in the West has revolutionized the beauty industry, introducing us to a new approach that focuses on a comprehensive routine, natural ingredients, and a preventive mindset. Embracing the philosophy behind Korean skincare can lead to a radiant complexion and a self-care experience like no other. Remember, beauty comes from within, and skincare is just one aspect of self-care. Take time to pamper yourself, embrace your natural beauty, and shine like the star you are! Stay Golden! Cherie

  • How to maintain & extend your spray tan

    Spray tanning is a popular way to achieve a sun-kissed look without the harmful effects of UV rays. However, maintaining and extending the life of your spray tan can be a challenge, especially if you're new to the process. In this blog, we'll go over some tips and tricks for maintaining and extending your spray tan so you can enjoy your golden glow for as long as possible. 1. Avoid Exfoliating Exfoliating your skin can remove the top layer of your spray tan, reducing its longevity. Avoid using scrubs or exfoliating brushes while you're trying to maintain your tan, and consider using a gentle, sulfate-free body wash instead. 2. Moisturize Daily Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to maintaining and extending your spray tan. Use a hydrating lotion or oil daily, especially on areas that tend to dry out faster like your elbows, knees, and ankles. By keeping your skin moisturized, you can help prevent fading and flaking, and keep your tan looking smooth and even. Look for a rich moisturizer that's free of sulfates & mineral oil. 3. Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water Chlorine and salt water can both strip your skin of its natural oils and quickly fade your spray tan. If you're going to be spending time in the pool or ocean, be sure to protect your skin with waterproof sunscreen and a protective alcohol-free spray or cream. 4. Wear Loose Clothing Tight clothing can rub and fade your spray tan, so it's best to wear loose, breathable clothing made of natural fibers like cotton. This will also help your skin to breathe and avoid sweating, which can also contribute to fading. 5. Touch-Up Your Tan If your spray tan starts to fade, touch it up with a gradual tanning lotion or a spray tan refresher. This will help keep your skin looking even and avoid any unsightly patchiness. Maintaining and extending your spray tan requires a little bit of care and attention. By following these tips, you can enjoy a beautiful, sun-kissed glow for as long as possible. Remember to always wear sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays, even when you have a spray tan. Happy tanning! Follow me on Instagram @mint_tans & FaceBook @Mint Tan

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  • Spray Tan | Mint Tans | Poway, CA

    Spray Tanning SoCal's #1 Spray tan studio! ​ Book Now Our Services We have two locations and offer different services. Check out what works for you and book online today! Airbrush Tans Select a Location Spray Tan Booth San Diego Only Red Light Therapy San Diego Only LED Teeth Whitening San Diego Only Mint Members Get more with a Mint membership. Save money with our bundles and receive exclusive member benefits! ​ Join for FREE Why Us? Cherie is an industry leader and is highly sought out as a speaker and trainer because of her expertise and experience. ​ She trains women from all over the world on the art & science of sunless science. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from UCSD, where she minored in General Biology. She is trainer with the only internationally accredited spray tan education program in the world. She has been an expert speaker at Sunless Conventions. She connects with every client & makes them feel welcome, comfortable and beautiful. ​ Read More What Mint Customers Say Check out what our clients have to say about us! ​ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ The best most na tural spray tan I’ve ever had! People don’t believe me when I say it’s a spray tan. I highly recommend Mint Tans if you want the best tan ever! - Nicole B More Reviews Mint Insights Check out our blog. We've got some good reads for the sunless client, as well as the sunless professional. Mint Tans 2 min Your Comprehensive Spray Tan Preparation Guide cheriesilva 2 min Embracing the Korean Beauty Revolution: A New Era in Skincare for the West Mint Tans 2 min How to maintain & extend your spray tan Read More Follow us on Instagram Get Started! Get your glow today! Schedule your appointment here. Got Questions? Find answers here . ​ Book Now

  • Red Light Therapy | Mint Tans

    LED Red Light Therapy (San Diego Location Only) ​ Experience the transformative benefits of LED LightStim® therapy—an all-natural, non-intrusive approach to skin rejuvenation. Unveil a revitalized complexion as LED light therapy not only combats acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles but also eases muscle discomfort. Harnessing the power of UV-free light rays, this method invigorates cells, kickstarting the natural process of generating new structural proteins and regenerating cells. ​ Backed by clinical evidence, this treatment is a proven ally in addressing your skin concerns. Witness the remarkable improvement of fine lines and wrinkles in just eight weeks, while acne breakouts show noticeable relief within a mere four weeks of treatment. The soothing effects on muscle pain are virtually instantaneous. Embrace LED LightStim therapy as your non-invasive pathway to enhancing skin quality, offering minimal downtime and low risk for those seeking a radiant transformation. What is Red Light Therapy? Step into the realm of LED LightStim therapy, where UV-free light rays work harmoniously to quell inflammation and defy the march of time. By energizing the body's innate healing mechanisms, this treatment bears the stamp of FDA approval, offering relief from pain, a softening touch on fine lines and wrinkles, and a combatant against acne. ​ Dive deeper into the spectrum as LED LightStim therapy employs a palette of colors, each strategically aimed at specific concerns. Infrared takes the lead, reducing inflammation and orchestrating an encore of healing and enhanced circulation. ​ This versatile therapy extends an inclusive invitation to individuals of all skin types and ages, providing a tender touch to elevate your skin. With a painless procedure that doubles as a tranquil experience, the beauty of LED LightStim therapy lies not only in its effectiveness but also in the absence of mandatory recovery time. What are the benefits, and how long do they last? Unlock a myriad of benefits with LED LightStim therapy, a transformative treatment that enhances the visual allure of your skin and elevates your overall well-being. Anticipate the following results: Diminished fine lines and wrinkles Reduced redness Stimulated collagen production Reduced pore size Reduced inflammation Accelerated healing Increased blood circulation Elimination of acne-causing bacteria Treatment of existing breakouts Prevention of future breakouts ​ The results you will achieve with LED LightStim therapy aren’t permanent. As you produce new skin cells, you could lose some collagen and start seeing signs of aging. Maintenance treatments will be needed every few months. Your practitioner will recommend a treatment plan to help you achieve the best possible results. How do I prepare for a treatment? Preparation & Precautions: Health Restrictions: If you have a photosensitive skin condition, are taking Accutane, using topical treatments that cause sensitivity to sunlight, or you are experiencing skin rashes, you may not be an ideal candidate. Consult your doctor before proceeding with any type of light therapy. Refrain from using skincare products that may induce dryness or irritation 24 hours before your appointment. Avoid the use of Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, and products containing Vitamin A or alcohol. ​ Procedure Guidelines: We safeguard your eyes with the provided protective gear to ensure safety. Relax on the bed as the device envelops the designated area. Experience the effects as they stimulate and regenerate your cells. Expect a gentle warmth without any discomfort during the procedure. ​ Post-Treatment Care: No down time. Resume your regular routine immediately after the procedure. Book Now

  • MINT Teeth | Mint Tans, San Diego | Los Angeles CA

    Message Us See all Services Mint Smiles Be Proud of Your Smile Using the latest in LED technology, you can expect 3 - 8 shades of improvement in just 20 minutes. One session is the equivalent in whitening power to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes and 5 packages of strips! ​ LED Teeth Whitening $135 We have two formulations; sensitive and regular. It's safe for you enamel, protects gums, causes little to no-sensitivity, is a registered natural health product and on top of all that, it’s cost-effective. ​ Keep your kit and come back within 90 days for a 1/2 price touch up session! Book Now Spray Tan + Teeth Whitening $170 Save money but combining 2 services in a single appointment session. ​ Keep your kit and come back within 90 days for a 1/2 price off the regular teeth whitening session! ​ Book Now Get Started! Get your glow today! Schedule your appointment here. Got Questions? Find answers here . ​ Book Now

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