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San Diego

AirBrush Tans

Customized Airbrush Tans


Our airbrush tans are a healthy sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking tan every time. Spray tans have significantly evolved, and the days of orange spray tans are long-gone. Our spray tanning solutions are a unique combination of Organic, Natural and Hypo-Allergenic ingredients that not only deliver the perfect tan, but builds, nourishes and hydrates the skin all at the same time.

San Diego: 

New Client Custom Airbrush Tan



We star with a consultation to determine your skin type & tanning goals.  You have the option of using a stronger solution & having the convenience of rinsing in as little at 2 hours. Or you can opt for the traditional, which is intended for a wear time of 8+ hours. 


Our spray tans start with a mist of pH prep spray to hydrate & reduce any spray tan smell. We end with a dusting of our drying powder to minimize any tacky sensations.


Your tan will be fully developed after 24 hours, so the best time to tan for a big event, particularly brides, is would be 2 days prior.

San Diego:

Returning Client

Custom Airbrush Tan

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 17.22.54.png


This session starts with a quick recap of your last tan to determine if we want to change things up a bit or stick to the existing approach!    


You have the option of going with a rapid rinse or a traditional overnight/8+ hour wear solution


Our spray tans start with a little barrier cream, as needed, & a mist of pH prep spray to hydrate & reduce any spray tan smell. We end with a dusting of our drying powder to minimize any tacky sensations.

Regular clients are in & out in 15 minutes (unless we are having fun & catching up like old friends do!)



San Diego:

Contour & Sculpt


With the wave of our tanning gun we can enhance your favorite features or create the illusion of snatched waist & a perky butt!


We work with the natural & unique features of each individuals body to meet your tanning goals.


We can use different shading techniques to create a soft, slimming illusion or a hard and defined look, it all depends on your features and tanning goals! 

IMG_3173 2.jpg

San Diego:


$60 or Dance/CheerPackage

(After Hours Access, 8pm & later)

Extended hours for non-package holders. If you are able to tan before 8pm, please book the New/Returning client airbrush tan to save $5.

Please arrive on time READY TO TAN (Remove ALL jewelry removed,

hair up, etc.)

We will be tanning back to back, and stopping to check balance due/running payments, etc. will slow us down. That said, payment must be made when you book online or via our business venmo account @mint_tans (Mint B+B). 

If paying by venmo, please send $60 and comment the name used during your booking.

San Diego:

Student Athlete Spray Tan


By Package Only

(Available by Package Only)

Let's be real! Being an aesthetic athlete is expensive, but look and feeling great is part of the package! We offer student athlete plans that allow you to maintain that deep bronze throughout your performance/competition season, at an affordable rate!! 


First time clients must book the First Time Client appointment which allows more time for a consultation. We go over important information that ensures all of our future appointments can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less.

Students/Athletes who plan to tan throughout their competition season must purchase a package prior to booking the discounted service rate. See "Memberships & Packages" for more details. 

San Diego:

Bronzed Besties

Spa Day


Share an extending appointment with 2-3 people & save some cash! If you have 4 or more, simply add an additional session to your cart before checking out.

Your tan is performed in a heated space and includes a misting of prep spray to neutralize any residue on your skin, while providing some pre-tan hydration.

We have you inspect your tan before moving on. Then we end your tan with a thorough drying of warm air and a finishing powder that helps neutralize odor and any sticky sensation.

As soon as your session is complete, we bring your friend right in and get her bronzed up before sending you both on your way.

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