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Hey – I’m Cherie, your Southern California Trainer at Spray Tan Class.

I’m here to spill the tea on what it takes to dominate the spray tan industry.
I was able to successfully start and grow my business, Mint Bronze & Beauty, while being a busy mom and maintaining a career in finance. While I provide your everyday tans for weekend worriers, brides or just because, my niche is competitive tanning - everything from dance and cheer, to bodybuilding. My clients' tans are high-stake and they are judged on it. So tanning with, and learning from someone that knows the industry is truly priceless!

Today, I’m an educator at Spray Tan Class
And collectively, our team has helped thousands of women build 5-6 figure
businesses that make them glow!
The truth is, our team is obsessed with helping women THRIVE in this industry.
But – the sad reality is that this industry is swimming with inexperienced trainers
who aren’t teaching women anything about skin, how to market, or how to
execute a high-end luxury spray tan experience.
But we’re changing all of that.
If you want to:
▪ ditch your day job
▪ reclaim your independence
▪ and grow your income from $0 to six figures…
Then you’re in the right place…
Because we are here to show you the little-known secrets to dominating the
spray tan industry…
Becoming the SPRAY TAN AUTHORITY in your area…
And starting a profitable business that helps you make 5-6 figures without
sacrificing your freedom or happiness!

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