Spray Tan Training & Certification

About Your Trainer


I’m a spray tan artist with several certifications, which include contouring, body building, and master artist.  I am certified by five companies, two of which are endorsements. I am an endorsed artist and trainer of SunFX America, a Liquid Sun Rayz Certified Service Provider, and a Master Trainer with Spray Tan Class. I minored in General Biology at UCSD, which gives me a strong understanding of the science behind sunless tanning and skin type. The marriage of science and artistry allows me to teach others how to work with all skin types, to produce a natural looking tan, without the dreaded orange.


Our training courses are designed to deliver the knowledge and techniques you need to deliver a flawless tan every time. The 100-series courses are self-paced video courses, and includes a summary of notes, as well as a Certificate of Completion available upon successful completion of your online exam. These courses are perfect for every beginner, and those who are experienced, but feel they are encountering inconsistent results and too often having to troubleshoot issues with clients.

101: Client Education

You will learn how to educate clients on preparing their skin, and how to properly maintain their tan. This includes ingredients to avoid, common products that can impact a tan, understanding skin and product pH, and biological processes that can affect a tan.  Well educated clients are key to your success.  They are less likely to ruin a developing tan, or blame you in the event that they fail to prep or properly care for their tan. You will be provided with before and after care verbiage that you can incorporate into your website, marketing, and client education material.  

102A: Skin Type

In this course you will learn how to identify skin types. Understanding skin type is the first step in understanding how  a client will take to a spray tan solution. This is critical in preventing an overdeveloped or "orange" tan.

102B: Skin Conditions

You will learn how to address different client-identified skin conditions, such as acne, sunspots, eczema, psoriasis, xerosis, and vitilago.     


103: Tanning Solution

In this course you will learn about a few key ingredients, including DHA and DHA strength, and how it affects different skin types. You will also learn about common ingredients used in tanning solutions, as well as understanding cosmetic bronzers.

200: Spray Tan Technique

During this course you will learn the art of spray tanning, including body positions and angles, and working with various body types and sizes. You will learn my technique to flawless hands and feet, which will leave barrier cream as an optional step.

201: Advanced Trouble Shooting

In this course you will learn how to trouble shoot issues, so you can offer guidance to your client, in the event that they encounter issues during development. This is critical to maintaining happy clients, as issues arise very often. How you guide and approach these issues will determine whether their tan develops properly and whether they will return to you or not.


SunFX Certification

As an endorsed artist and approved trainer of SunFX, we are proud to offer online and in-person training on behalf of a reputable worldwide manufacturer.  SunFX has been a pioneer in the sunless industry, since 1999. They originated in Australia, the sunless capital of the world. SunFX offers products and solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Canada, South America and the United States. They were the first to offer naturally derived sunless tanning solutions, that are free of alcohols, artificial preservatives, parabens, perfumes. They were also the first to introduce the breakthrough technology of High velocity, low pressure (HVLP) application systems.

The SunFX Certification Course covers everything you need to know about their high-quality tanning solution and philosophy. You will receive a handy cheat sheet that covers skin type and recommended DHA strengths.  You will receive a cocktail guideline for blends and solution combinations, which allows you to give clients unique options.