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Option of Standard or VIP Solution*  (San Diego Only)


This isn't your average spray tan booth! Your session starts with a consultation to determine your skin type & tanning goals. After your session is complete, give yourself an inspection.  If any blending is required, we will touch up your tan as needed.


Each session includes a pH prep spray to neutralize any residue on your skin, & to prime your skin to better absorb the tanning solution. 

You have the choice of our standard Venetian solution in clear or a universal color. Or upgrade to our VIP house solution with a recurring membership. This premium solution has no spray tan smell, odor control, longer lasting tan, better fade, & a custom colored bronzer that suites your unique undertone. 

Following your tanning session is our moisture seal which locks in color & hydrates the skin to improve the longevity of your tan.

Finally, take an extra minute to further dry as needed, & apply our iconic drying powder to minimize any sticky sensation before getting dressed.

*VIP Solution offered with Recurring VIP VersaSpa Membership Only.

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