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Mint Bronze & Beauty, where the sunless industry meets edge and excellence. We've been pushing boundaries and setting the bar for sunless beauty since 2017. Our fearless leader, Cherie, is the go-to expert for all things spray tanning and sunless science. She's dedicated to training and educating women from all over the world to deliver the ultimate sunless glow. At Mint Bronze & Beauty, we are more than just your average tanning studio, we're your hype squad and we're here to make sure you always look and feel your best. We don't just give you a tan, fleek brows, or a jaw-dropping bright white smile, we give you confidence. Our studio is where you can feel comfortable and know that we are a judgement free zone and we see beauty in EVERY BODY. Don't settle for basic, come experience what sunless perfection is all about.


Meet Cherie


Meet the visionary behind Mint Bronze & Beauty, Cherie. With a Bachelor's degree from UC San Diego, she is an expert speaker in the sunless industry, and was the US based trainer and educator for Spray Tan Class for over 5 years. Her passion for the industry began when her daughter was a competitive dancer, and she recognized the importance of tanning as a crucial aspect of the stage aesthetic. Since then, she has become the go-to person for competitive dance and cheer tanning. She also created a revolutionary spray tan formulation that addresses the dreaded spray tan BO that some people tend to experience. Her clients include some of the top dance and cheer teams in the country, such as LSU Tiger Girls, WSU Crimson Girls, UW Dance Team, Univ. of Co. Dance Team, Michigan State Dance Team, UCSB Dance Team, SDSU Dance & Cheer Team, CheerForce, Miss MDDT 2018 & 2020, the official sponsoring tanner for Miss Dance & Drill Team, USA, and many more. Her dedication to providing the best possible service and education has made her a respected leader in the sunless industry and in the world of competitive dance and cheer. Her business quickly grew beyond the world of competitive athletes as a result of her amazing service, and flawless tans. She has since expanded to Los Angeles, where her daughter, who's is a professional NBA dancer, operates. Their business has become a household name in Southern California. Mint Bronze & Beauty is the ultimate destination for all your sunless needs.

Meet Tevai

Meet Tevai, the vibrant co-owner of Mint Bronze & Beauty, and the dynamic force behind the scenes of our Los Angeles salon. As Cherie’s daughter, Tevai’s journey into the world of beauty was inspired by her upbringing as a competitive dancer. Growing up immersed in the world of dance, Tevai witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a flawless spray tan. While pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychological and Brain Sciences at UC Santa Barbara, Tevai continued to pursue her passion for dance as a member of the UCSB Dance Team, eventually leading as head captain for two years. With a blend of academic knowledge and artistic expression, Tevai brings a unique perspective to the beauty industry. Now based in Los Angeles, Tevai has seamlessly transitioned into her role as a professional dancer for an NBA team while simultaneously managing the expansion of Mint Bronze & Beauty. With her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, she successfully launched a second location, where she oversees operations with precision and passion. Tevai’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her love for dance and beauty, defines her journey as a co-owner and operator of Mint Bronze & Beauty. Whether she’s perfecting her moves on the court or ensuring every client leaves the salon glowing, Tevai’s energy and expertise shine through in everything she does.

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