Mint Tan

Mint Tan was founded based on the needs of our personal demographic and community: athletes, performing artists, and health and fitness enthusiasts. While booth sprays were widely available, airbrush tans were scarce, extremely expensive, and limited as far as customizing was concerned. Booth sprays were known for producing over developed (orange) tans and missed spots due to limited range of motion. Airbrush spray tans were very expensive and limited to one brand of solution, often full of alcohol, glycols and parabens. When someone decides to avoid the dangers of UV and sun bathing, they are making a decision to preserve the health of their skin. So why why not offer a solution free of toxic chemicals? Mint Tan set out to bring what the market was currently missing - airbrush spray tans that were affordable, full of organic, anti-aging skin conditioners. Our house solution uses the highest grade of Eco Certified Natural DHA available. They are free of common allergens such as nuts, gluten and soy. It is also free of any toxic chemicals, such as alcohol, glycols, and parabens. The founder holds a degree from UCSD, with a minor in General Biology and is passionate offering an option that excludes unnecessary bi-products. She set out to gain training and education through independent research, as well as working with the most talented and experienced artists and manufacturers in the industry. Today Mint Tan offers the best of both worlds through art and sunless science. 

Cherie, Owner

I’m a spray tan artist with several certifications, three of which are international endorsements:  I am a certified  Liquid Sun Rayz Service Provider, an endorsed SunFx Artist and Brand Educator, and a Master Trainer with Spray Tan Class. I minored in Biology at UCSD, which gives me a strong understanding of the science behind sunless tanning and skin type. The marriage of science and art allows me to work with all skin types to produce a natural looking tan with an even fade. I use the highest quality, cruelty-free, organic infused products on the market. I care what happens to your skin before and after you leave my studio. 

Meet Cherie

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