Mint Bronze & Beauty

Before Mint Bronze & Beauty there was Mint Tans, where we only offered pristine, mint condition spray tans. That quickly evolved and we also offered LED teeth whitening. Fast forward to 2020, wow that was a rough year and so was part of 2021, I decided to remain closed and focus on training and education so I could offer my clients other services. Naturally, we evolved from Mint Tan and expanded to Mint Bronze and Beauty! Today we still offer the best customized mint-condition spray tans, 100% natural teeth whitening, and most recently semi permanent powdered eyebrows (which lasts up to 3 years). 

Cherie, Owner

I’m the owner and operator of Mint B&B.  I earned a Bachelors degree in Biological Anthropology from UC San Diego, in the sub-field of Human Biology, and minored in General Biology. I know...if that doesn't scream nerd, I don't know what does! But I honestly LOVE geeking out on the science of beauty!


I'm passionate about research and development as a means to perfecting my craft. I study skin types & conditions, as well as color theory to bring you the best custom tans and powdered brow color selection. I've studied human anatomy which allows me to be the best sunless contour artist in San Diego, and this helps me achieve the best brow shape for my clients. I take pride in investing in the best training and education through independent research, as well as working with the most talented and experienced educators and manufacturers in the industry. And as a Master Trainer for Spray Tan Class, I bring this same level of education and passion to my spray tan students. Today I offer the best of both worlds through art and science.

Meet Cherie