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Standard Airbrush Tan Preparation

Day or Two Prior to Your Tan

  • Exfoliate! Use exfoliating gloves and a body polish to exfoliate your entire body, from head to toe. Pay extra attention to dry areas like the ankles, tops of your hands & feet, knees, elbows, neck, underarms and the back of your arms. 

  • Laser hair removal should be done 2 days in advance with no sensitivity or abrasions present.

  • Shave at least 8 hours before your appointment; please note that the moisture strip on razors leave a residue/barrier which may result in a lighter tan and/or unevenness.

  • Sugaring & waxing should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • Make sure all manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and massages are done at least a day in advance.  

  • Avoid ALL bar soaps and oil based sugar/salt scrubs during your final shower prior to tanning.

Day of Your Tan

  • Clothing: Women, you may wear as little or as much as you want.  Our artists are fully trained and operate in a discreet manner and fully respect client confidentiality. Men, you may wear briefs or boxers. 

  • You may shower in as little as 2 hours prior to your tan, but be mindful of any possible residue that could linger. i.e. hair conditioner, soap, moisture strip from shaving. It's best to wash your body with a gel-like body wash as the very last step to ensure all residue is washed off your skin. Creamy body washes like Dove and Oil of Olay can create a moisture barrier, which can sometimes lead to a lighter than desired tan.

  • Avoid all syndet (bar soaps) and oil based sugar/salt scrubs.

  • Don't wear any lotions, oils, perfume or deodorant to your appointment. Deodorant is stubborn and doesn't remove well! Do your best to scrub and exfoliate the entire armpit, especially the surrounding 4 inches or so!

Post Tan

  • After your tan, you should wear dark loose clothing. We recommend loose long pants and sleeves as it reduces skin-to-skin contact, which can result is excessively dark spots.  

  • Do not wear a tight bra or any tight clothing, as it will rub the solution off of your skin. 

  • You will rinse at the recommended time, which can range from 30 minutes to overnight. Your first rinse, will be justa warm water rinse, without soap. You may use your hands to remove the cosmetic bronzer.  You will see cosmetic bronzer rinsing away, this is normal and your tan will continue to develop.

  • You may use hydrating body wash during your next regularly scheduled shower, followed by a natural moisturizer free of mineral oil and petroleum products. You should moisturize from head to toe at least twice per day.

  • If you receive a rapid rinse spray tan, you MUST rinse at the time indicated, or your will be at risk for over development! (Orange!)  

  • Your tan will be fully developed around 24 hours post tan.

  • Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with a natural lotion that is free of mineral oil, petroleum, ethanol, AHA's, and other exfoliating and alcohol based products, as it will strip your faster. We offer variety of options that will keep your skin hydrated and your tan lasting longer.

  • Avoid long hot showers and baths, Jacuzzis, loofahs and exfoliants of any kind until your tan is ready to be removed. 

  • Acne and anti-aging products often contain acids and retinoids will strip your tan, cause uneven fading. Understand that the use of these products will cause premature fading in the areas that these products are applied. 

  • As always, use sunscreen as spray tans do not protect from harmful UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I'm pregnant, can I get a spray tan

Though our tanning solutions use organic, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, we still recommend consulting your doctor before the use of any spray tan during your pregnancy. 

Does a spray tan protect me from UV rays and sunburn? 

No. No it doesn't! Spray tan solutions do not provide any useful protection against UV rays. We recommend the use of a high quality sunscreen in the form of a lotion, not aerosol. Your technician can recommend a few spray tan-safe options.

How do I extend the life of my tan?

Your spray tan can be extended through the use of approved products. Incorporating an approved low pH soap and lotion, free of mineral oil, petroleum based products, and alcohol.  You should moisturize your skin at least two times per week, and stay hydrated from the inside out. Soaps such as Irish Spring & Dial should be avoided as we find that it dulls your tan. Using a gentle cleanser and your hands only to lather & wash is the best way to prevent premature fading. Incorporating a tan extender or gradual tanning lotion, is a good investment as it will further extend the life of your tan. Do not use aerosol sunscreens or apply perfume directly to your skin - the alcohol will erode your tan. Please note: You should avoid excessive exposure to water and any form of exfoliation while maintaining your spray tan. 

What should I do after my tan has been applied?

You should avoid water, sweating, exercising, and tight clothing, including a bra.

What should I wear during my tan?

It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable dark clothing after your spray tanning appointment. Our tanning solution, in most cases, will not stain clothing and any slight rub-off should come out in the wash. However, some staining may occur on some light colored or sensitive fabrics & materials.  

How do I prepare for a spray tan?

We recommend you shower and exfoliate with a body polish and exfoliating gloves. This will ensure the best possible results, by eliminating the dry and dead skin. Your tan will sit on the upper most layer of your skin, so eliminated the layer that will shed in a day or two will prevent premature fading of your tan. It is also recommended that you avoid wearing deodorant, perfume and lotion as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the tanning solution.

How long will my tan last?

Most people can expect their Sunfx tan to last for 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and preparation. We have found that our clients who incorporate our recommended low pH soap, daily moisturizer, and gradual tanning lotion will maintain their tan for 2 weeks. 

Are spray tans safe?

Our house solution is made of a unique combination of organic, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients along with highly purified water (aqua) and the natural sugar derived tanning agent, DHA. This combination produces beautiful results. Our product is unique and clients can be assured that it contains no alcohol, oils, perfumes, parabens or artificial preservatives. This is critical to the health of your skin, as these chemicals are drying, causes itching, dry patches, and cracking-appearance of the tanned skin. It's also a bad idea to be inhaling these chemicals during your tanning process. Mint Tan offers protection for the mucous membranes via nose plugs and eye protection, upon request, at no charge should you feel a need to use it.

How good are the spray tan results?

We will, on nearly all skin types, provide an impressive and natural looking tan. We strive to give you a natural "peak of summer" tan. In many cases, the results are superior to sun and solarium exposure, and significantly safer!

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