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Please contact me if you have any questions about spray tans, red light therapy, teeth whitening, training, special requests, or just want to talk about our services! You can call, email, text, or complete the form below.

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  • How do I prepare for a spray tan?
    We recommend you shower & exfoliate with a body polish & exfoliating gloves. This will ensure the best possible results, by eliminating the dry & dead skin. Your tan will sit on the upper most layer of your skin, so eliminating the layer that will shed in a day or two will prevent premature fading of your tan. Despite what you may have heard, you may use lotion the day of your tan, just make sure it's lightweight and not greasy. Please let us know if you have deodorant on so we can have you remove it before tanning. A day or two prior to your tan you should: Exfoliate! Use exfoliating gloves or a body polish to exfoliate your entire body, from head to toe. Pay extra attention to dry areas like the ankles, tops of your hands & feet, knees, elbows, as well as areas that are often skipped over such as your neck, chest, and underarms. Laser hair removal should be done 2 days in advance with no sensitivity or abrasions present. Shave at least 4-6 hours before your appointment. If you have thick har or large hair follicles, er recommend shaving the day before your appointment to reduce the issue of bronzers settling into the open follicles. Please note that the moisture strip on razors as well as shaving cream can leave a residue/barrier which may result in a lighter tan and/or unevenness, so be sure to wash the area with a cleanser after shaving. Waxing should be done 48 hours prior to your appointment. Sugaring can be the same day, before your tan, just be sure to clean ALL the sugar residue off and do no apply any after care products that contain oil. Make sure all manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and massages are done before tanning Avoid ALL bar soaps and oil based sugar/salt scrubs during your final shower prior to tanning.
  • What should I do the day of my appointment?
    The day of your tan you should: Clothing: Women, you may wear as little or as much as you want. Our artists are fully trained and operate in a discreet manner and fully respect client confidentiality. Men, you may wear briefs or boxers. Shower 2 or more hours prior to your tan. Showering immediately before tanning can result in a lighter than desired tan. Be mindful of any possible residue that might not rinse completely away i.e. hair conditioner, soap, moisture strip from shaving. It's best to wash your body with a gel-like body wash as the very last step to ensure all residue is washed off your skin. Creamy body washes like Dove and Oil of Olay can create a barrier on the skin, which can sometimes lead to a lighter than desired tan. If this is all you have available, we recommend applying the cleanser to a puff or wash clothe, and lathering it into a thin but sudsy foam BEFORE applying it to your body. (Applying the soap directly to your skin will definitely leave a thick residue, you must dilute the cleanser). Avoid all bar soaps and oil based products. Avoid wearing deodorant to your appointment if possible. If this is not an option, you may wear deodorant, but be sure to request a wipe so you can scrub it off before tanning. Avoid wearing thick body creams, oils, or perfume to your appointment. You may use the following lotions to your appointment, as they don't cause issues with our tanning solution: Hempz, Cetaphil, Cerave (Do not use their thick creams or oils).
  • What should I do after my appointment?
    Post tan: After your tan, you should wear dark loose clothing. We recommend loose long pants and sleeves as it reduces skin-to-skin contact, which can result is unevenness. Do not wear a tight bra or any tight clothing, as it will rub the solution off of your skin. You will rinse at the recommended time, which can range from 60 minutes to overnight. Your first rinse, will be just a QUICK warm water rinse, without soap. You may use your hands to remove the cosmetic bronzer. You will see cosmetic bronzer rinsing away, this is normal and your tan will continue to develop. You may use hydrating body wash during your next regularly scheduled shower, followed by a high quality moisturizer free of mineral oil and petroleum products. You should moisturize from head to toe at least twice per day. Keep your showers quick, cool to warm (not hot), and hand lather to wash - do not use a wash clothe or scrub. If you receive a rapid spray tan, you MUST rinse at the time indicated, or your will be at risk for over development! (Orange!) Your tan will be fully developed around 24 hours post tan. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with a lotion that is free of mineral oil, petroleum, ethanol, AHA's, and other exfoliating and alcohol based products, as it will strip your tan. We offer variety of options that will keep your skin hydrated and your tan lasting longer. Avoid long hot showers and baths, Jacuzzis, loofahs and exfoliants of any kind, including waxing and sugaring, until your tan is ready to be removed. Acne and anti-aging products often contain chemical exfoliators, which will cause uneven & premature fading. As always, use a lotion based sunscreen as spray tans do not protect from harmful UV rays.
  • What should I wear during my tan?
    Women may tan in anything they are comfortable in, or wear nothing at all. Men should wear boxers, briefs, or a speedo. If you are a biological male and don't want tan lines, please wear a snug sock over your genitals, as we do not tan biological men nude. Please wear loose & comfortable dark clothing after your spray tanning appointment. This will protect your car seat/interior, furniture, etc. as well as protect your tan from skin-to-skin contact or contact with non-breathable surfaces which can ruin your tan.
  • I'm pregnant, can I get a spray tan?
    Pregnant women have been spray tanning without issues for decades as there is no known contraindications. We offer various forms of protection including eye wear, nose filters, & an extraction unit that filters the over spray in the air. It is recommended that pregnant women wear underwear during your spray tan. Although our tanning solutions use organic, natural, & hypoallergenic ingredients, we still recommend consulting your doctor if you are in your 1st trimester or if you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy.
  • Does a spray tan protect me from UV rays and sunburn?
    No, it doesn't! Spray tan solutions do not provide any useful protection against UV rays. We recommend the use of a high quality sunscreen in the form of a lotion, not aerosol. We offer spray tan safe SPF lotions that you can purchase in our studio.
  • How do I extend the life of my tan?
    Your spray tan can be extended through the use of spray tan safe products. Moisturize at least two times per week & stay hydrated from the inside out. Soaps such as Irish Spring & Dial should be avoided as we find that it dulls your tan. Using a gentle cleanser & your hands only to lather & wash is the best way to prevent premature fading. Incorporating a tan extender or gradual tanning lotion, is a good investment as it will further extend the life of your tan. Do not use aerosol sunscreens or apply perfume directly to your skin - the alcohol will erode your tan. Avoid excessive exposure to water & any form of exfoliation while maintaining your spray tan. Keep your showers quick and a cool as possible, avoid HOT water.
  • What should I do after my tan has been applied?
    Avoid water, sweating, exercising, tight clothing & touching your tan until you have rinsed. Wear dark, loose long sleeve and pants to protect your tan from skin to skin contact and contact with non-breathable surfaces as it can cause your tan to develop unevenly.
  • How long will my tan last?
    You can expect your tan to last at least 5 to 7 days depending on your skin preparation and your skin's health. We find that our clients who incorporate our post tan recommendations & spray tan safe products, such as a daily moisturizer & gradual tanning lotion, will maintain a their tan twice as long. With excellent care you can expect your tan to be remain pretty noticeable for the 7-9 days, while gradually getting lighter in the final remaining days.
  • Are spray tans safe?
    Our tans are performed infront of a high-velocity extraction unit which sucks up the excess spray and filters out the air. In addition, our house solution is made of a unique combination of skin nourishing, natural & hypoallergenic ingredients along with highly purified water & the natural sugar derived tanning agent, DHA. This combination produces beautiful results. Our product is unique & clients can be assured that it contains no scent or parabens. Mint Bronze & Beauty offers protection for the mucous membranes via nose plugs, disposable underwear, lip oil & eye protection, upon request, at no charge should you feel a need to use it.
  • How good are the spray tan results?
    We provide an impressive & natural looking tan on all skin types because we customize your tan based on your natural undertones and tanning goals. We can give you a "light glow" or a deep yet natural "peak of summer" tan. In most cases, the results are superior to sun exposure & it is significantly safer!
  • How long does the appointment take?
    First time clients can expect to take up to 20. We start with a consultation before tanning you, however the actual tanning process takes 10 minutes. Returning clients are often in and out in 10-15 minutes.
  • When can I get a manicure, pedicure, massage, my hair or lashes done?
    You must avoid getting went or touching your tan until you've rinsed off. So, it's best to get a mani/pedis (and any other beauty or wellness treatment) before your tan. If you are getting a treatment done the same day of your tanning appointment, before to do it BEFORE your tan, and remove ALL product residue (lotion, oils, etc.) prior to tanning. If you have another service scheduled after your tan, we are not responsible for any mishaps that occur. Touch ups are available, but we charge a touch up fee of $30 for every 10 minutes (10 minute minimum).
  • Can you cover up my tan lines?
    Yes! We do a pretty good job at covering up tan lines. We cannot guarantee a perfect blend, but we can certainly improve the appearance and minimize the demarcations. Tan line cover ups require skill, precision, and extra time, to there is an additional $30 fee if your total appointment runs over the originally allocated time.
  • Is it painful?
    We offer a topical treatment that helps desensitize any sensitivity. We also offer a sensitive teeth whitening formulation, which remineralizes your teeth making them stronger & less sensitive over time. The main ingredient in teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide. If you have sensitivity due to receding gums, or micro tears in the mouth, you may experience some sensitivity from the hydrogen peroxide.
  • How long does it take?
    Your appointment will take up to 1 hour. However the actual teeth whitening treatment runs 40 minutes.
  • How long do the results last?
    The maintenance of a whiter & brighter smile is dependent on your food choices, lifestyle, & genetics. To get the most out of your new smile, avoid staining foods, brush & floss twice a day, & use a whitening toothpaste a couple times a week.
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