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Our unscented self tanning mousse is suitable for all skin types and undertones, and is full of natural skin nourishing ingredients. We took the time to develop a formulation that addresses the issue of sunless tanning body odor! No more embarrassing underarm odor as our formula contains active ingredients that encapsulates and absorbs odor molecules.  Our beautiful selection of color bases provides options for every skin tone and leaves you with a natural looking tan during and after development. 


Instructions: Select your color base


COLOR BASES: The cosmetic bronzer colors, described below, last a few days and influence the color or shade of your tan. The length of time the bronzers last depends on lifestyle & maintenance, before it eventually washes away. After a few showers, you'll be left with a DHA-only tan and no bronzers. A DHA-only tan will range from your natural "sun tan' color, to a golden brown tan, and will look similar in color on you regardless of which color base you select. 


  • MATCHA LATTE: Suitable for ALL undertones and complexions. This olive-brown blend develops into a beautiful neutral brown tan with a subtle hint of warmth/gold. 


  • SPICED LATTE:  Suitable for ALL undertones and complexions. This blend develops into a beautiful deep, yet neutral, brown tan with a rich bronzy glow. This is a fave amongst competitive dancers and cheerleaders! This is a beautiful blend on People of Color. It will wipe out any dull or sallow tones, and restore some warmth and depth to their complexion. 


  • CHOCO LATTE: Best for yellow and olive skin tones that want a deep cool brown tan, with little to no warmth/gold. 


STRENGTH: Below are general guidelines. Depth of a tan is very subjective, and everyone's skin responds differently, please adjust saturation and wear time as needed for your desired results. Select your strength based on your natural 'untanned' skin tone (areas that aren't exposed to the sun).


  • DARK/RAPID 14%: 
    • Ideal for: 
      • Fair skin looking for a light tan (2-3 hours), Medium tan (3-4 hours), dark tan (4-5 hours).
      • Medium skin looking for a medium tan (4-5 hours), Dark tan (8+ hours)
      • Medium/Dark Skin looking for a medium tan (8+hours)
      • Dark skin looking for a medium tan (4-6 hours), Dark tan (2 coats 8+ hours)

The Latte Collection Sunless Tanning Mousse (6oz)

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  • Apply barrier cream /lotion to feet, knees, hands, elbows and dark spots prior to tanning. Shake well. Pump 1-2 times onto a tanning mitt and apply body one section at a time. Apply in a circular motion until the tan has been absorbed. Using the residual tanner that's remaining on the mitt, go over the moisturized areas. Rinse at the recommended time listed.. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry and allow 24 hours for fully developed tan. Wash & air dry mitt after each use.

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