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What makes our sunless tanning solution truly exceptional is the meticulous selection of ingredients and formulation techniques, ensuring you not only achieve a flawless, natural-looking tan, but we address the elephant in the room: long drying time, sticky tans, and dare I say BODY ODOR!


This is a 14% DHA solution line, which can be used as a rapid or 8+ hour option, depending on the clients skin type & tanning goals, wear time & saturation. Some key features of this line includes: 


DHA Related Body Odor Management:

  • Spray tan B.O. is often related to hormones and our natural body chemistry, which causes the pH level of the underarms to be in a basic or alkaline state. As a result the bacteria thrives in this environment, which not only feed on odorless chemicals released in sweat, but it also feeds on DHA, the sugar molecule responsible for tanning your skin. The byproduct is an enzyme that then converts into thioalcohols—a compound responsible for the odor. We’ve addressed this issue by utilizing a blend of active, water-based ingredients, featuring a molecular "donut-shaped" structure that has the unique ability to “capture” and "contain" odor-causing molecules.


Scientific Precision for a Beautiful Tan:

  • Our carefully balanced moisture levels prevent your skin from feeling both dry or sticky. We use ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and nourishing oils to keep your skin comfortably hydrated, while also using a unique blend of gentle surfactants that leave the skin feeling light and comfortable.


Rapid Absorption and Even Application:

  • Our formulation allows for rapid absorption into the skin, eliminating the risk of a sticky surface layer. You'll love how light and natural your skin feels.


pH Balance for Comfort:

  • We've fine-tuned our product to suit your skin's natural pH, ensuring a harmonious interaction and reducing any potential for discomfort, odor, stickiness, or irritation.


Another thing that sets us apart even further is the precise control by addressing the viscosity by utilizing advanced emulsification techniques and an ingredient suspension in our formulation. Here's how it benefits you:


Less Overspray = Less Mess, Less Waste :

  • Our controlled viscosity allows you to spray closer to the clients' body, reducing messy overspray. This means a more precise application, less product waste, and a cleaner experience.


Even Application, No Waste:

  • Advanced emulsification and ingredient suspension guarantee that the tanning solution remains well-mixed, dispenses evenly, and doesn't clog the nozzle. You get an even tan without streaks or blotches, further reducing product waste. A gentle swirl lasting a few seconds is all it takes to reconstitute the formulation back to a perfect blend.


Our sunless tanning solution is not just a cosmetic product; it's a carefully crafted, scientifically driven beauty solution. It offers you the power of a beautiful tan without the drawbacks of stickiness, mess, or product waste. You'll enjoy a flawless, radiant tan that feels as light as air.


Join us in embracing the future of sunless tanning, where science and beauty converge to not only offer you the perfect, natural glow, but the confidence knowing we've got your comfort and odor management in mind. It's time to experience sunless tanning like never before, your skin deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it. 

The Latte Collection Trio Sampler (4.5oz)

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