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Sunless Pro Supplies & Essentials

UPDATED 12/30/23

Hi! I'm Cherie, owner and operator of Mint Bronze & Beauty, better known as Mint Tans located in sunny San Diego. I'm the US based sunless educator and trainer with Spray Tan Class, the only internationally accredited spray tan training program in the world.

I'm also a seasoned competition tanner and a certified service provider for Liquid SunRayz. I've managed shows in Hawaii on their behalf and traveled the US for both NPC and IFBB Pro shows.

I wanted to share my tried and true products that have been helpful and essential to my business. Every item listed can be found in my studio or high volume team tanning mobile kit.

Below are links to my favorite and frequently used products. As an affiliate, I do receive a small commission for the product referral. I appreciate your trust in me and my recommendations.

We are always looking for services to compliment our existing offers. I had been researching, and The Buff Your Body device, which originally came out for gentle at-home massage therapy. With more innovation it's evolved to an amazing yet gentle exfoliating machine with different applicators. The applicators allow you to exfoliate, then moisturize/rehydrate using their hydrating balms, (or preferably your own spray tan safe prep spray or oil-free lotion). Here are the additional income you could earn!

We do love Glow By Erin's setting powder, but I understand that might be out of budget for many small businesses. This Aloe & Chamomile Gold Bond powder is light, talc free, and smells amazingly light, fresh and feminine. It reminds me of Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It's spray tan safe and protects against odor and moisture!

These drying powder brushes are the best applicators for post tan setting powder. It's light, flexible bristles do not disrupt the spray tan. Allow the tan to dry and follow with a light dusting of your favorite powder.

This powder applicator is perfect for applying drying powder if you prefer the touch-free application, or like me you can't stand having to wash, sanitize, and dry every single brush after each client.

A continuous spray bottle provide the perfect fine mist needed when using prep or pH spray. You won't over saturate your client, so wiping away or rubbing it in will be quick and efficient. Remember, pH spray doesn't change the pH of the skin! It simply neutralizes any product on the skin that might be too acidic or basic! It can also help dissolve some of the product residue, but it's not 100% capable of dissolving everything.

This is an affordable prep spray you can get in a pinch. I use prep spray on just about everyone because it help hydrate the skin and can help dissolve any product residue that might be on the skin. I add this to my continuous spray bottle, lightly mist them down, and have them rub it in. Follow up with barrier cream, if needed, which allows the prep spray dry for before I start tanning them.

I also use moisture lock, as needed, depending on the circumstance. Again, if they have dry skin, if their schedule prevents them from rinsing within 12 hours, and if their body chemistry results in body odor that we want to minimize. This product can be included in your prices, or can be charged as an add on.

Black Magic stopped making these amazing bamboo brushes, but I managed to find these and they are the same! This brush is perfect for blending everything from creases in knees, hands, feet, wrists, demarcations from skin to skin contact while still wet, etc. It is, has, and will always be in my arsenal to ensuring a perfect tan!

High Density foam rollers are essential for competition tanning touch ups. The short handle and rounded edges of the roller allow a comfortable range of motion, and no demarcations while blending. These are very helpful in blended areas where your client may have had product residue, or botched an area due to skin to skin contact before the area dried. With the exception of competition tanning, I don't recommend this for blending hands.

These car waxing mitts are perfect for competition tanning touch ups. You can pat and blend and even breakdown blotchy buildup and rebuild beautiful color during touch ups. Once you're done, toss them in a laundry bag and throw it in the washing machine.

Have you had back to back tans, and feel like the typical Liter or Gallon bottle-to-cup refill process was not only time consuming, but also a risk for spilling and making a mess? Yes? Ok, me too!These refillable beverage bags have been a game changer for my large group sessions! You don't even have to completely remove the gun and straw from the cup, just provide enough clearance for the small nozzle to fit then pinch and fill!

This isn't a product I use, but I've had a lot of inquiries, so I wanted to include it here! This wall mounted dispenser makes quick pours easy and add a cute aesthetic to your space. Just remove the label from a glass bottle, add your own label, fill it with your favorite solution, prep spray or moisture lock and BAM! Fashion meets function!

Kraft & Butcher Paper are a perfect solution to covering the floor of your booth, tent, and clients home. Because it's absorbent, sticky feet are NOT required! You client's feet will not stain with this product. I pre-cut a handful, fold it up, and use it for on-site tanning, or when I travel for tanning. I personally don't like the smell of kraft paper, so I prefer butcher paper!! It's compact, disposable and makes for an easy clean up especially when you're on the go!

Canvas drop clothes are great for mobile sessions that consist of multiple clients, especially if you are not using an extraction fan. This will protect your clients property, and can be tossed in the wash when you're done. I recommend placing it in front (barely under your tent) and spread it out as far as it can extend.

I prefer black bath/floor towels for my in-studio tanning. They look clean and professional, and don't get bunched up like a folded bath towel. They are absorbent allowing your client to skip the sticky feet. If you skip the sticky feet, you can use one towel for two clients, simply flip the towel over exposing a clean and unused surface.

Black non-latex gloves are essential when working with clients and solution. These nitrile gloves extend past your wrist for extra coverage. Clients appreciate the sanitary practice of utilizing a new pair of gloves for each client.

I don't know about you, but when I'm wearing gloves for long periods of time, especially during back to back group tanning session, my hands get sweaty AF! I wear these sweatbands to prevent any sweat from dripping down my forearm, or worse, landing on my freshly tanned client! ( Eeew David, No!)

These ADJUSTABLE masks are the best! I don't know about you, but I haven't found a mask that fits my small face! Prior to the pandemic I used an expensive VOG N95, and while it was adjustable, it wasn't easy to breath in during back to back tanning sessions. I'd eventually feel hot and stuffy, and rip that thing off taking the risk of inhaling all of that over spray. This adjustable mask has been a game changer. It's comfortable, stays in place, and BREATHABLE!

For my mobile tanners that travel with an extraction fan - I highly recommend these large contractor trash bags! They are large, thick, and reusable. They are perfect for transporting your tents (if you've lost or damaged the bag), and they are perfect for your dirty extraction fan and filters! They contain the entire mess, so you don't get your car dirty!

I highly recommend this fan for two different purposes. A high power fan will help your client dry quickly, saving you time. Second, this fan makes a much better extraction unit than a box fan. It's far more powerful, though a bit louder, your walls and lungs will thank you! Get creative and attach your filter to the back of your tent opening using adhesive Velcro strips or clamps, and placing the fan appropriately to ensure the best extraction possible.

Quilt batting makes for a perfect filter when you require a flexible material to accommodate the recommended fan above. I cut these into pieces large enough to attach to the back opening of my tent. I replace the filter as needed depending on saturation and the number of tans completed.

These clamps are small but strong as heck! I use them during on-site group tanning sessions because you rarely know what the layout will look like. I use it not only to pin my filter to my fan or tent, but I use it to create privacy or barriers with additional fabric.

These disposable table cloths are great for covering windows, or creating privacy when you are doing a large group sessions. For example, using the clamps or tape, I will cover up a dance studio window creating a safe and private environment for my clients.

This photo back drop is perfect for content creation & photo shoots, but I use it more often to create privacy during large team on-site tanning sessions. You don't always know what your space will look like, but having the flexibility to modify it to accommodate your clients privacy needs and your operational needs is absolutely essential.

Along with the photo back drop kit, you will also need a compact and collapsible soft muslin fabric to create privacy or content!

On less busy days, I can get away with wearing anything, but on busy days, team tanning sessions, or on-site tanning appointments I highly recommend these black scrubs from ADAR. They have the same cut as Figs for a fraction of the cost. I love their joggers and just for reference, I'm a size 6-8 and a medium in their pants.

I use this type of adapter to switch my machine on/off with a remote. I mount my remote to my booth using a sticky velcro strip. This way I don't have to wrestle into my noise dampening box to manually turn the machine on and off. I also have a couple extras that I take on the road. To ensure I don't loose the remote I clip it to the strap of my mobile bag, once on site and tanning I keep the remote in my pocket for easy and quick access.

If you know that remote will get lost (which I'm guilty of but have since learned my lesson), you can go with an extension cord with a foot switch. These small conveniences save you time, save your body from the extra bending and squatting, which I welcome during my back to back and team sessions!

This ring light is absolutely fantastic for in-studio tanning sessions and for content creation! The lighting is bright, flattering and it's well made. Good lighting is absolutely necessary to providing a flawless tan. My light is about 4 years old, has traveled with me across the country, has been in the hands of our not-so-gentle airline luggage handlers and she's still going strong!

I used to travel with a ring light for competition and team tans ...what a pain! It was big and bulky, and I needed to consolidate! These units are small and compact, but really bright! They stand at about 4.5" tall, but can easily sit on a table top for more height, if needed. The box is about the same size as a box of waffles!

You should always have a back up machine and gun, but carrying two full machines could be problematic or even impossible. A mobile unit like the Mine Tan Portable Tanner is a great back up in the even that your machine breaks. Though it sprays lighter/slower, it will save the day should you run into the unthinkable!

Disposable underwear is something every salon should offer. Most clients will come prepared with a dark thong, while others won't. Some will want a smaller tan line that their underwear provides. I also require all minors tan in bottoms, so this comes in handy when they arrive in ballet tights, a leotard, and no underwear!

While 99.9% of my clients tan topless, I have had content models show up unprepared. I can't share recorded content or photos while they are nude, and my spray tan students rely on these photos to build their online presence and to share content on social media. I now carry these which has come in quite handy!

These are foam sticky feet, which absorbs and prevents solution transfer and staining. A lot of sticky feet that have a gloss finish can result in stained feet. For this reason I recommend an absorbent option, whether it's foam sticky feet, a towel, or craft paper.

Hair nets should be available for your clients. It adds quality to your service, which is appreciated by your clients.

This label wizard helps me apply labels to my products. The struggle without it results in crooked labels, wasted labels, and products with the labels set at different heights! Ugh! This does require time, but it's definitely worth it. You presentation looks so much more professional!

This 2-tier acrylic Lazy Susan is perfect for displaying products and a space savor. Because it's clear, it suits any style of decoration.

This cart is really narrow so it tucks away into tight spaces, but you can easily pull it out for easy access. This fits nicely behind my Spray gon, and is a great space saver!

This is what I use to fill bottles with my private brand of cleanser and moisturizer.

I run a small space heater pointing toward my client during their tanning session. It makes for a much more pleasant experience, but I get pretty hot during back to back tanning sessions. This little neck cooler looks like headphones, but it's worn around your neck, and it keeps you COOL and COMFORTABLE! This is ginning to be a game changer for me! 10/10 would recommend!

Although the sunless industry isn't regulated by the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, it's our responsibility to uphold standards that will ensure we remain free of being regulated. The tools used on your clients, such as blending and powder brushes, should be sanitized between clients. Barbicide & Cavicide are a few ways to ensure your are not transferring fungal or bacterial skin infections from one client to the next.

These S-hooks are perfect for hanging up that awkward gun! One end hooks over just about anything, and the other end hold your gun. So no more awkwardly placed gun the results in spills, leaks and a mess!

OMG! Ok - this is amazing. Takes a little finesse, but one you try it, you get it. This has made dispensing my solution so efficient! It fits gallon and wide mouth bottles. It requires AA batteries so don't forget to buy some!

I keep a swifter wet jet in my studio, which is a simple way of keeping my space spotless. These are high quality washable pads, and come with 4 to a pack.



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