Airbrush Tans

$45 Original

 This spray tan is worn for minimum of 8 hours, or overnight, where you will wake up to a beautifully developing tan.

Your tan will be fully developed after 24 hours. This service is offered out of my home studio in Poway.

Overnight $45

$50 Rapid Rinse

This spray tan is worn for 2-4 hours; your tan will continue to develop over the next 20 hours.  This allows you to rinse, get on with your day and avoid the risk of ruining your developing tan due to a busy and active lifestyle. This service is offered out of my home studio in Poway.

Rapid Rinse $50

$70 Tan + Contour

Our contouring services will get your looking lean and defined! We enhance your natural contours to give you more definition, creating a lean and toned appearance! The service is added on to your regular tan.

Tan & Tone $70


Body Building Tans

$100: One day process done the night before your show. This allows you to sleep in & skip the early morning wait for touch ups & a top coat! No need to tan in your expensive suit like other providers might require. Services include at least 3 coats of Liquid Sun Rayz to get you stage dark, an additive to prevent scratches and rub off, a touch-up kit, powder to refresh as needed & posing oil.

$130-$150: Unlimited coats to get you stage dark. No need to tan in your expensive suit! We are insured and not restricted like other providers. Includes a glazing kit. Services are provided at a TBD location,

within 3 miles of host hotel, but usually within walking distance. 

Show day touch up schedule will be provided during first coat appointment.
Packages DO NOT include backstage services. Please specify your division & call times in comment section.

Please turn on email/text notification to receive important upcoming information.



Body Building Tan $100-$150

Mint Smile

In-Studio LED-activated teeth-whitening system $125:  It's safe on enamel, protects gums, causes little to no-sensitivity,

is a registered natural health product and on top of all that, it’s cost-effective. One Mint Smile session is the equivalent

in whitening power to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes and 5 packages of strips!

In-Studio Teeth Whitening $125

We offer teeth whitening and skin care products.  Our skin care products include soaps, scrubs, moisturizers and self tanning to prolong your new glow and tan on the go.

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