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Competition Tan Training

Competition Tanning is exciting and lucrative, ranging from $135-$155 per client. This scope of spray tanning requires knowledge and experience to ensure that your client is stage dark, well touched up, glued, and appropriately glazed/oiled when they take stage. 


This course has been repriced & formatted, starting at $297, with flexible add-ons. The online course provides you with a thorough handbook and video demonstrations so you have everything you need to know in order to hit the ground running. After practicing and assessing your skill set you can determine if you require more training with our flexible add on options.


I have been traveling the U.S. tanning elite bodybuilding competitors from Kentucky to Hawaii, including running shows on behalf of Liquid Sun Rayz.  My real-world experience combined with my understanding of sunless science and our skins physiology makes me the ideal coach for you.  I’m also endorsed by two international spray tan manufacturers, SunFx and Liquid Sun Rayz. I'm also a Master Trainer with Spray Tan Class – and although I’m affiliated with certain manufacturers, my course covers a wide variety of products including Jan Tana, Pro Tan and more. I've worked as a sponsoring tanner and there's no experience like actual SHOW EXPERIENCE! NPC and IFBB Pro show experience has allowed me to tan hundreds of athletes, both amateurs and pros. I've seen every scenario you can think of from rained-on athletes, fainting, significant amounts of excess skin that need to be tanned, tucked and glued properly, camouflaging peeling skin due to sun burn, GREEN athletes due to a variety of things. You name it, I've seen it, and I know how correct these issues! Seeking a trainer with extensive experience ensures they have the knowledge that will contribute to your success.




What make me the ideal trainer for you?  I’ve been in your position, and I know what it takes to become a success spray tan professional because I put in the work. I’ve dealt with challenges related to spraying different skin types, poor skin prep, clients who don’t follow instructions, and other special circumstances that a manual alone can’t teach.  In addition, I also teach my students business basics like how to grow your client base, how to price your services, the unwritten rules and ethics of the industry, and how to be a confident service provider.  

Let's GLOW Big, or GO Home!



Spray Tan Class Virtual Courses

Spray Tan Class: Beginners Spray Tanning Certification Course+ Gold Spray Tan Equipment Package (Online) 


When you complete our Beginner’s Spray Tan course, you’ll have everything you’ll need to establish your business, book your first client, and start living your Glow Boss dream!

Whether in-person or online, our step-by-step tutorials teach you everything you need to know about skin, sunless solution, and our trademarked "Slay Tan Method" so that you can deliver a perfect spray tan from head to toe.

But Technique is just the start. You’ll also learn how to get your business license, how to market your business to attract new clients, and the keys to mastering your mindset to overcome any fear and doubt that might hold you back.

And you won’t have to do it alone. As soon as you join, you get access to our group of 9000+ Beauty Business Babes for ongoing support. Plus, you’ll also gain access to our STC Student group – an exclusive membership for students only! Even after you get certified, you’ll get 45 days of mentorship from one of our certified trainers to answer any questions you have and help you take action on what you’ve learned.

Our high-end technique and knowledge base, combined with real business, marketing and mindset mentorship will help lay the foundation for your very own 5-6 figure luxury spray tan business in a matter of weeks instead of years.


Spray Tan Class Master Certification Course - Virtual

Already have a business, but looking to grow?

This course is for established spray tan artist who want to create more revenue without adding more work and spending more time.

Together, my team and I will help you 2x, 5x, even 10x your Sunless Business Income with minimal extra work. When you sign up now, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of sunless art, from application to science and everything in between:

- How to master spray tanning the face, hands, and feet
- The secret techniques to covering scars, stretchmarks, and skin
- How to achieve a Kim K worthy Body Contour on women, men, and plus-size body types
- The science of sunless products and the ingredients that make you glow
- And so much more!

Plus, you’ll learn the proven sales, marketing and business tactics I used to expand my sunless business into a $500k/year beauty empire. Invest in your business and see immediate ROI. Take our Master’s Spray Tan Course, and elevate your business to the next level.


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