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Hi!  My name is Cherie and I’m the owner of Mint Tan, located in sunny San Diego, California.  In addition to owning and operating a tanning studio, for years I have been traveling the US tanning elite body building competitors from Kentucky to Hawaii, including running shows.  My real-world experience combined with my understanding of the sunless science and our skin (I minored in biology at the University of San Diego, California) makes me the ideal coach for you.  I’m also endorsed by two international spray tan manufacturers, SunFx and Liquid Sun Rayz, and a Master Trainer with Spray Tan Class – although I’m affiliated with certain manufacturers, my course covers a wide variety of products including Jan Tana, Pro Tan and more.    

What make me the ideal trainer for you?  I’ve been in your position, and I know what it takes to become a success spray tan professional because I put in the work. I’ve dealt with challenges related to spraying different skin types, poor skin prep, clients who don’t follow instructions, and other special circumstances that a manual alone can’t teach you like a client getting drenched in a rain storm (true story!).  In addition, I also teach my students business basics like how to grow your client base, how to price your services, the unwritten rules and ethics of the industry, and how to be a confident service provider.  

Let's GLOW Big, or GO Home!



Online Courses



Competition Tanning is exciting and lucrative, ranging from $135-$155 per client.  This scope of spray tanning requires knowledge and experience to ensure that your client is stage dark, well touched up, glued, and appropriately glazed/oiled when they take stage. 

This virtual course provides you with a thorough handbook and video demonstrations so you have everything you need to know in order to hit the ground running.  I provide on-going mentoring, video critiquing and corrections while you work on perfecting your craft.  When the day comes that you have your first competing client, I will be available on-call! In the event that things don't turn out as expected, I'm a call away to walk you though correcting the issue at hand.  I call this "insurance".  You might not need it, but it's a safety net I offer because I want you to succeed! At some point during your early career as a Competition Tanner, you will encounter scenarios that you never expected, having a coach in your back pocket to advise you will give you the insurance (and confidence) you need to grow in this exciting industry.

Virtual Competition Tanning $399

Tap into this billion dollar industry immediately upon completing your online certification.

This informative + simple novice course dives into the true sunless fundamentals so you can feel knowledgeable and confident to open your own sunless business— doing work you wake up excited about, making money you’ve only dreamed of, and having a flexible lifestyle you may have never thought possible.  Perfect for newbie artists who are interested in learning how to spray tan and perfect their artistry.

You’ll complete this course feeling: knowledgeable, refreshed, confident, and raring to go on opening your spray tanning business immediately!

Once you complete your certification you will: understand the science behind sunless, what solutions to use, skin types, overcoming potential issues, mini-contouring, pricing, starting your business, marketing, what legal forms to use, insurance, safety + more!

This is an exclusive course offered through Spray Tan Class. Online training is $497; you can add the option for virtual training through Zoom for an additional $200. Use CHERIE at checkout for a special discount!

Set yourself apart and become the expert in the sunless industry by perfecting your art and expanding your craft through body contouring. Body contouring is a wildly popular form of spray tan art (yes, art!) that allows you to carefully shade different muscles, curves and parts throughout the body to create a look that will allow your client to look beach ready in the matter of minutes. Whether you learn this sought-after technique online through our step-by-step video tutorials or in person during our hands-on training, your clients will be pretty obsessed with this service. As they always say, if you can’t tone it tan it – now you can do both!


Recommended add on service pricing to your clients: +$35 on top of your normal spray tan price. This service is sure to set you apart and create loyal raving fans who absolutely love to book with you!

This is an exclusive course offered through Spray Tan Class. Online training is $497; you can add the option for virtual training through Zoom for an additional $200.  Use CHERIE at checkout for a special discount!

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