Competition Tanning is exciting and lucrative, ranging from $135-$155 per client. This scope of spray tanning requires knowledge and experience to ensure that your client is stage dark, well touched up, glued, and appropriately glazed/oiled when they take stage. 


This virtual course starts at $297, with available add-ons, and provides you with a thorough handbook and video demonstrations so you have everything you need to know in order to hit the ground running. I've worked as a sponoring tanner and that show experience allowed me to tan hundreds of athletes. I've seen every scenario you can think of from rained-on athletes, fainting, significant amounts of excess skin that need to be tucked and glued, camoflaufing sun burn - you name it, I've seen it! Seeking a trainer with extensive experience based knowledge will contribute to your success.


FLEXIBLE ADD ONS: After you've studied the online program you can determine how much more assistance you need. I highly recommeng going through several practice runs (including having your models sleep in their tan, intentionally messing it up, and see you un-showered the next morning for another coat and touch ups. You should practice gluing and glazing, etc. and see where you stand. Do you have that instinct and have successfully touched up liquid marks, scratches, the green monster, blotching, etc.? If your skills are lacking to the point of concern, you can add on the following options when you're ready.


$297: Online Course


$300: Zoom Training Session


$500: In-person training in San Diego


$45: Show Day/On-call Consulting - When the day comes that you have your first competing client, I can be available by phone or video call. In the event that things don't turn out as expected (which often happens), I'm a call away to walk you though correcting the issue at hand.  (Must be booked in advance, non-refundable.)


GLOW BIG, or GO HOME! Let's start your journey today! 




Mint Tans, Owner

Spray Tan Class, Master Trainer

Liquid Sun Rayz Certified Provider, CA + HI

Online Course: Competition Tan Training

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